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Do I need Planning Permission?

What is planning permission?

If you are constructing a new build, adding a large extension onto your existing property or changing the use of a building,  you may require planning permission. Planning permission is basically a permit for you to do any of the mentioned. If you start a build having not sought permission you may be issued an enforcement notice to take down your development. There will be certain criteria's and regulations that must be met within the planning permission remit.  

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At Sapphire Builders we know if planning permission will be required on your project. Once we meet with you we will be happy to advise and help you with your planning application. You will NOT be able to start any part of your project until planning has been approved. Any residential or commercial properties near by will have the chance to comment on your application so it's good to get the neighbours on side. This will also help with the speed of the application process. 

For more questions about planning permission or to make an application we have provided some useful links below. Alternatively call Sapphire Builders and we will be happy to advise you on the planning process.

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