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Groundworks & Landscaping

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The key element to any build is the foundations. These can vary from different designs, with the most common being a strip foundation or a re-inforced raft foundation. 


A strip foundation runs beneath the load bearing walls of a property. This is the outline of your build including internal low bearing walls. 

A raft foundation may be used as to spread the load. If there is bad ground or made up ground that has been dug before then this would be a more suitable foundation. 


If required Sapphire Builders can dig a trial hole to test the ground conditions, this will then determine the foundations required for your build. 

The same concept in applied for Landscaping driveways and patio's. Sapphire Builders have created beautiful outside areas from slabbed patio's to decking, block paved driveways to concrete. Our skilled and trusted team will get the job done on time very time. 

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