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Kitchens & Bathrooms

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With many family homes wanting that open planned space or wanting more light into the back of a house,  many are opting for an open plan kitchen/dining area. By adding onto your existing kitchen or simply changing the layout you'll be amazed at how different your kitchen can look.

For most the kitchen area is the core of the house. It's where everyone seems to congregate and spend time together so why not make it as pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing as you can. If your looking to add onto your existing kitchen we'll ensure you have everything covered from the pipe work to the electrics.  We use a wide range of kitchen suppliers that we have been installing for a number of years, from the top end range to the local high street, we make sure every kitchen is installed with the same quality finish and great craftsmanship

The same ethos is put into a new bathroom or water closet. By simply extending or changing the layout of your bathroom you can create a comfortable and pleasurable environment.  


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